The PRODUCT IN CIRCUIT competition is intended for producers, designers, distributors and service providers. The first stage will be the verification and evaluation of applications, the next presentation of nominated products or projects at the exhibition during this year's POL-ECO SYSTEM fair.The aim of the competition is to promote and disseminate achievements in the field of ecological, sustainable design and the application of innovative solutions for the re-inclusion of the product into circulation. It also supports producers, designers, distributors and service providers who fit in with the idea of ​​a circular economy with their products or projects.

The competition is organized by the Ministry of the Environment.

Three companies have won the third edition of the competition of the Minister of the Environment "Product in Circulation". Three distinctions were also awarded.

The first prize went to the BEEPACK company for BeePack wax

This is the first Polish producer of wax (natural packaging) for food storage. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags, plastic bags and aluminum foil.

BeePack® waxes are used for packing and storing bread, snacks, sandwiches, vegetables, fruit and dairy products. They are organic and reusable, and the food stored in them will stay fresh for longer.

You can also cover them with a salad bowl, dish or plate and enjoy the freshness of your favorite dishes for longer.

The basis of BeePack® packaging is Polish cotton fabric with the international quality certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 *. Each wax is made by hand and the product includes: purified beeswax, wood resin and cold-pressed jojoba oil.

The second prize went to Cosmetomat Sp. z o.o. for Cosmetomat

Cosmetomat is an automatic machine that is used to buy cleaning products without packaging. The customer having their own reusable packaging can purchase the selected detergent by pouring it into this packaging. Thanks to this machine, the generation of disposable packaging for cleaning products is limited, since the same packaging can be filled many times.

The machine has various cleaning products available, including dishwashing liquids, washing gels and liquids, fabric softeners.

The third prize went to Marbet for the ECLIPSE Acoustic Panels

ECLIPSE is a collection of acoustic wall panels designed by Tomasz Augustyniak, made of ecological PETfelt material, made from recycled plastic bottles.

It consists of light, decorative, 3d wall panels in two sizes, designed in such a way that by rotating them around their axis to get a different visual effect each time. The Eclipse shape that creates a natural air cushion at the back ensures optimal dispersion and absorption of sound waves.

The unusual, chiaroscuro shape Eclipse shape is an interesting decorative element and functional acoustically, useful both in commercial interiors and at home.

Awards received:

MARBET WIL SP. Z o.o. for SULTECH® Counterweight used in home appliances

Each piece of household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, driers and cookers has a counterweight necessary for stable operation of the device. Every year, millions of cement concrete products with significant CO2 emissions and a lack of recycling are introduced to the market.

The Sultech® counterweight is an environmentally friendly alternative made of an innovative thermoplastic composite material. The thermoplastic properties mean that the product can be 100% reused. The production uses waste materials that are bound with a Sulstar® polymer binder made on the basis of waste sulfur from desulphurization processes. The production process is waste-free and low-energy. In 2019, the product was successfully launched on the market.

STELLA PACK S.A. for garbage bags with ears for home waste segregation

Sacks made of LDPE film, produced in Stella Pack S.A. 100% regranulate formed during the recycling of plastic waste. The bags can be recycled after being used. The EuCertPlast certificate awarded to our company ensures that our garbage bags are made of recyclable materials and their production is carried out in accordance with the best practices aimed at protecting the environment.

WERNER & MERTZ DELTA POLSKA SP. Z o.o. for Frosch Raspberry descaling agent

Frosch Raspberry stone remover 500 ml is an ecological product with an effective formula containing vegetable surfactants, fragrances and raspberry vinegar. It combines effective cleaning properties with skin-friendly ingredients. Formula with raspberry vinegar removes stubborn stone deposits and dirt, giving a glow without streaks. The product does not contain microplastics and its PET bottle is made of 100% recycled material. The product is EU-Ecolabel certified.

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